Final Year Project Abstracts for Industry Interaction and Intellectual Property Review

The Enterprise-University Business Linkage Cell is actively gathering information on final-year projects from various departments at the University of Moratuwa. This initiative aims to better understand the diverse range of projects being undertaken, laying the groundwork for industry interaction when specific requirements arise.

To facilitate this, we have connected with final-year project coordinators from each department to collect abstracts of ongoing projects. While we have received abstracts from some departments, we are still awaiting submissions from others.

Once we have collected all the information, we will organize an online meeting with the final-year project coordinators. The goal of this meeting will be to discuss potential industry interactions and intellectual property (IP) protection strategies. This initiative is not intended to hinder the publication of research papers; rather, it seeks to safeguard potential inventions generated by the university and foster industry collaboration to ensure these innovations benefit society.

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