How to get a Patent

Patent is a document, with a detailed description of an invention, which grants legal assurance for the patent owner, the exclusive rights to use, that is making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing her/his invention for the territories covered for a defined period of time.

 A patent can only be granted for an invention.

Is your invention new? Does your invention have an inventive step and an industrial application?

Do you seek for a Patent Protection?

Please follow the below instructions

  1. Fill the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)

Invention Disclosure Form (IDF), a form which is used by the University Business Linkage Cell (UBLC) to gather the basic information of your invention. Those information will be entered into our database to provide you the necessary support for protecting your invention, while sign a non-disclosures agreement (NDA).

  • Email the filled IDF to or Hand over to the UBLC office (First floor of Carrier Guidance building)

Please make sure to fill the contact no. in the IDF. You will receive a call from us.

UBLC need your tight support to complete the following steps

  • Prior art search using free data bases
  • Access Permission for commercial data bases
  • Identification of inventive features (based on prior art results)
  • Draft the Patent and apply

For more information:

Contact: Mr. Chanaka Vithanage (PTLO)

011 2640051 : Ext: 1886 

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