1. UBLC calls for invention disclosure forms from the students and staff who are engaged in innovative product development. This call gives out to University staff and students a few times every year. In response, those staff and students will send their inventions to the UBLC using the IDF.

2. UBLC, then performs for each invention disclosed the technology readiness and potential for commercialization.

3. Invention groups are then summoned for meetings to plan necessary services and supports for product development and commercialization.

4. Patent process will start for those inventions where a significant IP exists.  Prior art training, patent drafting services and training are offered to those who have patentable inventions.

5. Startup space is provides for those who plan for product development.

6. Interactive sessions and services on company incorporation, financial handling, market analysis, and startup management will be offered to inventors at the product accelerator.