How to Establish a Startup

How to establish a startup?

Do you need a space in our product accelerator?

Please follow the below instructions

  1. Fill the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)

Invention Disclosure Form (IDF), a form which is used by the University Business Linkage Cell (UBLC) to gather the basic information of your invention. Those information will be entered into our databaseto provide you the necessary support for protecting your invention, while sign a non-disclosures agreement (NDA).

  • Email the filled IDF to or Hand over to the UBLC office (First floor of Old TLM building)

Please make sure to fill the contact no. in the IDF. You will receive a call from us.

UBLC need your tight support to complete the following steps.

  • Arrange Technology Evaluation with the support of external experts.

If you are an insider of the University, we’ll visit your laboratory or section,

If you are an outsider, will invite you to present at the UBLC

toevaluate your invention by an independent panel.

  • Session of sharing evaluators’ feedbacks with you and guidance for improvements / changes.
  • One on one session with you and your team.
  • Book a space in our product accelerator (Selection is based on the marks that you get during the evaluation using a defined criteria)
  • Sign the startup agreement

Fix your space for two years within the product accelerator,

  • Each startup will be faced quarterly progress review by UBLC nominated panel
  • The agreement will be invalidated with two consecutive unsatisfactory progression reviews.

Startups will be fostered as per the University Commercialization Policy

For more information on startups

Contact:        Ms. AmaliHettige (Manager – UBLC)

+9411 2640051 ext: 1886 

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