Mora Ventures 6.0

Mora Ventures, led by the Entrepreneurship Society at the University of Moratuwa, is more than just a startup platform; it’s a catalyst for transformative ideas and social innovations that shape our ever-changing global landscape. As the University Business Linkage Cell, we are proud to support this cornerstone initiative by providing administrative and financial support to ensure its success, as we have in the previous year.

Since its inception nearly seven years ago with “Mora Ventures 1.0” in 2017, this platform has served as a breeding ground for innovation, with successful editions in 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Mora Ventures has not only nurtured startups but also helped them grow from humble beginnings to prestigious institutions. Success stories like Effective Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., Jendo Innovations Pvt. Ltd., and Cientro Institute.

It is with great pleasureĀ and anticipation that we postedĀ Mora Ventures 6.0, 2024, on the UBLC website. Mora Ventures 6.0 has three major stages: Idea Pitch, Prototype, and Ongoing Business Stage.

For the time being, Mora Ventures 6.0 has successfully completed registrations for the first stage, the Idea Pitch, and is now preparing for the subsequent stages.
During the first stage of registration, applicants were required to answer a questionnaire about their entire innovation or business idea. In addition, a one-minute video and a detailed proposal document for the concept were required. In the first stage, applicants had to submit a simple presentation, and a video, and answer a questionnaire about their innovation.

50 teams will be selected from the pool of stage 1 applicants to participate in mentoring sessions, guided by industry experts. The top ten teams will be selected after the mentoring sessions. Subsequently, the top ten teams will advance to the finals, where they will compete for cash prizes.

For the next stages of Mora Ventures 6.0, all aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to stay tuned for updates on the second stage, which will focus on prototype submissions.

Mora 6.0 encourages active participation in the transformative journey of innovation and entrepreneurship.
This journey will push the boundaries of creativity, inspire change, and pave the way for a future full of groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial excellence.

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