Enterprise Operational Committee (EOC)

Pasqual A.A.

Dr. Ajith Pasqual
Director / Enterprise – UBLC (Chairman)


Archt. Kolitha Perera
Senior Lecturer / UBLC
Coordinator of the 
Faculty of Architecture           

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Ms.T.S.D. Yapa
Senior Lecturer / UBLC
Coordinator of  the  Faculty of Business

Dr. (Mrs.)Thanuja Sandanayake
Senior Lecturer / UBLC
Coordinator  of the  Faculty of IT

Mrs.Amali Hettige
Manager – UBLC

Ms. Yashodara Karunarathne
Assistant Registrar
External Affairs, Publicity and
International Student Promotion Division
Mr. FayazHudah

A digital technology transformation and innovation professional with over
20 years of industry experience. He is the founder of “Spiralation”, the
1st technology accelerator in Sri Lanka in 2010. He conceptualized and
execute the initiative to promote innovative tech start-up’s in partnership
with 20+ entities including Boston University, IIT, CIMA, PMI, Intel,
Microsoft, Oracle, Standard Charted Bank and others

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Mr. Talal Rafi

“Talal Rafi is an entrepreneur and works on developing entrepreneurship.
He is an international Consultant on corporate innovation,
entrepreneurship and gender equality. He was nominated as a
Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.
He is a writer for Forbes Magazine.
He has worked on projects and initiatives by the World Bank,
USAID, ADB Bank and Chatham House London.”

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