Present Startups

Curacell Innovations

Curacell Innovations currently developing a product to extend the battery life of HEVs in tropical countries ...
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Magicbit is an integrated development platform for learning, prototyping, coding, electronics, robotics, IoT and solution designing. Magicbit provides unparalleled hardware ...
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AgXspot is seeking revival in agriculture through making drones accessible to anyone to provide innovative solutions in agriculture. The Health ...
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Ushani Design

Ushani Design takes traditional Sri Lanka weaving artistry to a new, exciting level. We design, produce and sell unique designs ...
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Abrutech is a vision-based traffic sensing system. It is a AI-powered, web based system fully developed in Sri Lanka. This ...
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Pristine Technologies

Pristine Technologies is a Aerial Robotics based company which has a goal of make, Aerial robotics based applications affordable to ...
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