UBLC funded Products are ready for Commercialization

With AHEAD support, UBLC funded eight projects, the results of which are now ready for market. These include

“Hydrolink” is a smart domestic water management system that brings users complete control of their water tank at their fingertips.

Measureup revolutionizes the way height measurements are conducted within clinical settings. This innovative digital solution maintains the precision and efficiency of traditional height-measuring devices while introducing portability.

A banana fiber extraction machine was designed and developed for the local communities to extract the fiber from banana stems with high quality and affordability

The developed solar cooker enables indoor cooking (inside the kitchen) without being exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, it can function even when there is no sunlight, such as at night or when it rains.

Toolkit is a computerized application offered to facilitate an environmentally responsible decision-making platform during the product development process of fashion design.

Chatbot is an innovative project aimed at developing the first virtual legal assistant dedicated to construction that will be beneficial in a global context.

Measure On Air is a web app developed to help Quantity Surveyors perform site inspections quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for extensive documentation.

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