Assistance and support from the initial step until the patent is granted

UBLC UOM assists inventors in protecting their patents beginning with the first step and continuing until the patent is granted.

The process begins with the signing of an NDA between UOM and the inventors, followed by the distribution of the completed IDF to begin the patent process.

UBLC assists and trains the inventors in conducting prior art searches using both free and subscribed databases. The AHEAD grant helps the University maintain its subscripted databases.

UBLC provides assistance and training for patent drafting in accordance with national guidelines, and reviews the draft, including claims, prior to submission.

UBLC follows up on the post-submission period by maintaining regular communication with the National Intellectual Property Office and assisting with the submission of justifications, clarifications, and editions as needed.

Completed in 2022
In Progress
Clarifications /Justifications
Industrial Designs302
PCT Filling100

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