Steam Inhaling Device for Covid19 developed for Vocational Training Authority


Steam inhaling is a proven treatment in eastern medicine. In modern days too, for corona virus infection and related sinuses related respiratory diseases, inhaling steam a few times a day is very effective. However, the traditional method of steam inhaling is very crude, cumbersome, unsafe, and also leads to energy waste. In this context, the tabletop steam inhaling device was innovated.

How it works

This device has a water basket and a heater inside it. A know is given to set the set temperature. When the machine is plugged to the main household power, it turns on the heater and maintain the set temperature in steam. If the temperature increases the power is cut off, and if the temperature drops it will turn the heater on. This process takes place automatically through the temperature probe and heater control unit.

A fan is used to push outside air into the container steam to push it upwards through the column into the face of the person.

Effectiveness Verified

This device has been tested by many individuals and commented that it is very effective and user-friendly. “It helps feel better” said everyone who used it.

Reusing the mask

The mask is detachable, washable and reusable by many people, so a family needs one.

Marketing Prospectus

Demand for the device is quite visible. We are having discussions with prospective manufacturers for mass manufacturing and sales