Magicbit is an integrated development platform for learning, prototyping, coding, electronics, robotics, IoT and solution designing. Magicbit provides unparalleled hardware and software support with interoperable interfaces to adopt technology more quickly regardless of the knowledge level of the user. Magicbit enables to practice and learn on a wide range of applications using the same platform as well as to scale it up for practical applications. All Magicbit educational solutions comes with curriculum specially designed for the hardware and software solutions and tailored for age groups form children to in schools to students in Universities across multiple related subjects. Magicbit creates education fun, enjoyable and practical for all the age categories through engaging them in hands-on experience in building solutions.

MagicBit is a miniature computer that anyone can program to accomplish a variety of tasks. In the words of its cofounders, “Magicbit is designed in such a way that it is a STEM tool, a DIY builder, and platform for creative thinkers all in one”. It features an ESP32 module built with plug-and-play sensors and actuators. This eliminates the need for messy wires, breadboards, and soldering irons for young inventors to easily experiment with their ideas. 

In addition to this, Magicbit has removed the need for complex programming. Instead, all necessary instructions are translated to the integrated circuit through a visual code builder. This block programming feature makes the system even easier for anyone starting with automation to familiarise themselves. For the more advanced users, Magicbit is cross-compatible and allows new features to be added using programs like Arduino and MicroPython.  Furthermore, Magicbit can be easily linked to mobile devices to use its inbuilt sensors as input devices and provide an output in the form of push notifications. 

Magicbit also uses its own cloud-based IoT platform –, which removes the need to understand the underlying hardware and firmware and encourages focus on logic and creativity. In addition, the developers have gone the extra mile by enabling compatibility with similar cloud platforms such as, ESP Rainmaker, Microsoft Azure, and many more to remove such restrictions.

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